I joined DIAKRIT in August 2016 as the Management Trainee in the COO Department. I had the opportunity to write my master thesis at the Gothenburg School of Business, Economics and Law in collaboration with DIAKRIT during the spring semester. I had a fantastic experience working together with the talented people at the company. When I got the opportunity to join the company as a permanent employee I can’t describe how thrilled I was. I am now working as a Team Leader for the Customer Onboarding Project Specialist Team. 

My experience writing a thesis with DIAKRIT
My previous experience collaborating with companies during my university studies had been varied, often times I felt they were not committed and worked with students solely for the sake of being able to say “we are a student friendly company”. This was the complete opposite attitude I encountered working with DIAKRIT where I truly felt the work I was doing was valuable for the company.

Living & working in Bangkok
I had the great pleasure to visit the company’s HQ in Bangkok where I got a comprehensive introduction to the organization and the people who work there. The time and the resources DIAKRIT allocated to making this project a success really is a testament to their approach to working with students. This was an immensely positive and rewarding experience for me.

My recommendations for future students wanting to work with DIAKRIT

I can recommend any student to have a look at DIAKRIT’s website when looking for thesis projects, internships or extra work or why not as a future full time employer!

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